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Garden pavilion in Lausanne

best architects 23

renovation and addition


Lausanne, Switzerland



Oliver Di Giambattista


Located in the heart of a garden city built in 1928, this pavilion is a reinterpretation of the garden follies erected at the edge of the plots of bourgeois residences. A motif borrowed from an opulent habitat, it extends the living space of this small house and echoes the ideal of quality worker housing promoted by the cooperative movement of the 1920s. In search of economical and effective solutions, industrial and prefabricated materials were chosen, in keeping with the spirit of the original designers. Modest in construction, this family home was perhaps not made to last for nearly a century, but it is now recognised as architectural heritage and rightly protected. Thanks to a punctual and discreet intervention, it could be adapted to the contemporary way of life, thus guaranteeing durability and safeguarding this humble witness to the history of modern housing.