Lütolf und Scheuner Architekten: St. Anna Foundation apartment houses, Schweighof - best architects 23

Lütolf und Scheuner Architekten

St. Anna Foundation apartment houses, Schweighof

best architects 23

multi-family homes


Kriens, Switzerland


Roger Frei


The three building sites of the St. Anna Foundation are located in the centre of the Schweighof area. With their open character on all sides, they respond to the specific location within the development. The staggered, directionless arrangement allows the individual buildings to benefit from spatial qualities on all sides, and open corners strengthen the transparency within the site. The structural four-part division of the floor plan is achieved through a central staircase in exposed concrete, one or two rooms along the façade, and the secondary rooms lying in between. This layout generates four main living spaces, which are arranged at the corners of the building. The distinctive veranda in front of the rooms creates a unique feature of the apartments. Each room has access to the outdoor area in front, which increases the variety of internal circulation. The strength of the construction and the structure of the tailor-made wooden buildings are at the centre of the external appearance. The verandas, which convey the idea of high residential value, envelop the volumes and face them with horizontal slabs and thin posts. Behind them, the vertical wooden façade elements and floor-to-ceiling doors and windows form an unpretentious, functional building envelope. The internal space is formed by ceiling elements made of natural, light-coloured spruce wood, off-white plaster wall surfaces and the soft grey tones of polished mineral floors.