Lütolf und Scheuner Architekten: Schweighofpark AG apartment house, Schweighof - best architects 23

Lütolf und Scheuner Architekten

Schweighofpark AG apartment house, Schweighof

best architects 23

multi-family homes


Kriens, Switzerland


Roger Frei


The Schweighofpark AG building is to be read as the end point of the development of the Schweighof site, forming the rear of the quarter while simultaneously facing onto Horwerstrasse. The volume proposed in the master plan, consisting of two staggered structures pushed together, is completed and lent its own signature rhythm by individual building offsets. A floor plan with three apartments per storey defines the basic unit. While each middle apartment exclusively faces southwest, the two flanking units are oriented bilaterally. A main room expanding from façade to façade marks the centre of these apartments. The distinctive veranda in front of the rooms creates another unique feature. In addition to protecting the façade, the terrace layer creates a filter that legitimises the proximity of the buildings and ensures the privacy of the units. The building has been designed entirely as a timber structure. The verandas envelop the volumes and face them with horizontal slabs and thin posts. Circumferential slabs connect the main building with the terrace layer and structure the façades horizontally, while floor-to-ceiling doors and windows divide the elegant building envelope vertically. Rough-cut wooden cladding, dark steel picket railings, constructively used copper sheets, textile blinds and sandblasted concrete elements in the base area define the exterior appearance.