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Herzgsell single-family house

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Altenmarkt, Austria


Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel


The traditional courtyard, typical for the region, which historically combines all functions (living, storage, work) under one roof, served as the contextual reference for the project. The single-storey section of building perched on the slope, which can be seen from the access road to the south, serves as entrance to the property and interface between public and private. On this ground floor there is a garage with adjoining storage area, a covered but unconditioned intermediate area, all the public spaces of the house with a spacious open living-kitchen-dining area, and a cloakroom with guest toilet. The north-west-oriented outdoor area directly outside the kitchen complements its uses and, due to the steep slope, serves on this side of the house as an essential garden substitute and protected open space. The two-storey perforated masonry element on the southern front becomes a striking feature of the building due to its formulation in materiality and structure, creating interesting lighting effects inside while shielding the interior from view. Private areas (bedrooms) as well as more intimate zones with secluded outdoor areas are located in the basement of the building and offer direct access to the garden. Special rooms were also provided for the client’s art collection.