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Johannes Kaufmann und Partner

Carpentry Kaufmann

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commercial/industrial buildings


Reuthe, Austria



Adolf Bereuter


Carpentry Kaufmann in the idyllic Bregenz Forest region is a fourth-generation family business dedicated to modern timber construction technology. Projects using modular timber construction required a new assembly hall for the space-intensive manufacture of the modular room cells. The hall is divided into two spaces, a longitudinal one with rails for production and another that serves as a storage area for the finished modules. Due to the land-use planning in the region, it was necessary to build the hall as low as possible so that its external appearance would be in keeping with the overall impression made by the landscape. Heavy crane runways and supporting structures that must hold up under high snow loads usually result in high roof constructions. At the same time, the number of load-bearing columns should be as low as possible to maximise production space. Based on these requirements, a framework with integrated crane tracks was developed, allowing the total height of the building to harmonise with the townscape. Five prefabricated heavy-duty trusses made of construction beech wood rest on clamped concrete columns. Due to their horizontal distance from one another, the double trusses have the capability to absorb the torsion introduced by the crane runways.