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Jaeger Koechlin

Coming Going and Staying

best architects 23 in Gold

multi-family homes


Basel, Switzerland


Roman Keller


A new residential quarter is being created on the former industrial site of Lysbüchel South. Here, the mature residential city meets the large-scale solitary industrial buildings of the twentieth century. In the context of the various historical structures on the site, the parcel at Elsässerstrasse 139 occupies a special position in many respects. On the one hand, it marks the last link in a chain of five-storey residential buildings, but on the other hand, it also forms the conclusion of this incomplete perimeter block structure and leads over to the large-scale development of the neighbouring industrial area. The façade on Elsässerstrasse forms the front of the new building and creates a relationship to the neighbouring Wilhelminian residential buildings. On the northwest side, the various urban conditions of the parcel and the site are condensed in a special way. In terms of building law, this is a firewall, but de facto it becomes the third façade of the house and thus the end face of the block edge. The open stairwell with its soaring elevator shaft is the central communal element of the house. At this open meeting and circulation space, all apartments and balconies are connected to the communal garden and roof terrace. In order to ensure the sustainable use of space, the single-storey apartments can be divided into two separate units with access via the balcony if required.