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Hermansson Hiller Lundberg Arkitekter

Rödeby Care Home

best architects 23

public buildings


Karlskrona, Sweden




Johan Dehlin


In the centre of a small-scale urban neighbourhood in Karlskrona, on a plot next to the decommissioned city hall from the 1940s, a new care home with 48 units was built from 2018 to 2021. The project was adapted to its setting by arranging the complex as a group of interconnected building volumes, with pitched roofs and intricate brick patterns. However, the central preoccupation of the project revolved around how to provide a sense of spatial richness to the inhabitants, most of whom will end their lives here in a place not fully of their choosing. In response to this search for dignity and experiential variation, an intricate plan was developed that features courtyards, loggias and ambulatory spaces, both within and between the wards.