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Fischer multi-family house

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Döttingen, Switzerland


Andreas Buschmann


A multi-family house with three apartments and two studios was built on a gentle slope in a residential area of Bienne. Like its neighbours, the house faces the street and presents itself as a solitary building. The façade, made of charred logs, does not give any hint of the inner spatial division and constantly changes its appearance over the course of the day: from deep black to dark blue to light silver. Inside, the light leads to the apartments and studios through a staircase made of exposed concrete bearing the traces of rough wooden formwork. In contrast to the studios, which are dominated by whitewashed bricks, the apartments are more finely finished. Oak floors along with ceilings and walls made of concrete enter into a dialogue with brick walls plastered in differentiated colours. The materials are left in their essence, and the fixtures are handcrafted and robust. The stairwell with skylight is framed by glass blocks in the attic. Together they form a luminous sculpture around which the rooms are arranged like a windmill. A continuous floor pattern and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors support the concept of flowing spaces here. As a contrast to the black façade, the terraces as well as the windows are made of natural wood.