DF_DC: Via Carona 6 - best architects 23


Via Carona 6

best architects 23

multi-family homes


Paradiso, Switzerland




Simone Bossi


The building takes its form from the difficult site along the railway and articulates access at different levels. It contains 14 apartments over five levels, gradually revealing close-up views of Lake Lugano through the long northern terraces. The project is conceived as an assemblage of elements with different lifespans: structure, services and partitions, pre-empting the scenarios in which it might transform over time. A range of peculiar typologies are produced by the massing. The structure tilts out to support a projecting element at the top with the penthouse, changing the perception of the frame and of the landscape beyond. Materially, the building softens its monolithic aspect with bush-hammered concrete panels as infill to the frame.