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Bivouac Fanton

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Forcella Marmarole, Italy



Iwan Baan


The Bivouac Fanton is a project of proportions between absolute and measured, a minute work that finds its dimension in the possibility of perceptive amplification. Living inside of it means placing oneself between the lenses of a telescope; it is an attempt to frame the space, to circumscribe it, making it a work of connection between man and the environment. The structure defines a caesura capable of finding a temporary border to the landscape, a form of progressive compression of rocks, light, wind and snow. This is an unstable equilibrium, which is substantiated in the internal space: a wooden belly that softens the impact of wild nature, then the glass fibre that thickens layer by layer, like a second skin that becomes at once shell and structure. The building’s external appearance takes on the features of a rough-hewn volume suspended on a bristling cliff, a waiting body stretched out into the void, intent on opening up a spatial dimension beyond its own internal geometry. This is a volume defined by nature, an architecture characterised by a strongly inclined profile that adapts itself to the orography of the Marmarole peaks. The cross-section reasserts itself inside, becoming a generative element and organising the internal space upwards along the longitudinal axis to connect the site with the Auronzo Valley.