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Carlana Mezzalira Pentimalli

Public Library of Bressanone

best architects 23 in Gold

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Bressanone, Italy


Marco Cappelletti


The new public library of Bressanone conceives of itself as a small «social infrastructure» in which old and new are not only inseparable but have a very specific relationship. The peculiarities of the urban context and the needs of a public building open to the community were the starting points for designing a contemporary intervention capable of looking to the future of the city, inserting itself quietly into the urban fabric, and seeking a profound dialogue with the pre-existing structures and the character of the surrounding spaces. Located in the historic centre, on Piazza Duomo, the library is part of a project that included the renovation of the former headquarters of the finance police, the former courthouse, and the former prisons, allowing for the construction of a new building with a redeveloped private garden that once belonged to the Bishop. The complexity of the project with its juxtaposition of new and pre-existing structures generates a tension between the parts that define its plasticity and ambiguous character. The interior spaces manifest themselves as exteriors and vice versa, in a place where space and light play a fundamental role in creating a degree of ambivalence between «collective» and «domestic». This architecture is more than just a library: it is a social driver designed to welcome and generate human relations, exchanges and the interweaving of different cultures, practices and ages.