Camps Felip ARQUITECTURIA : H016 - best architects 23



best architects 23

single family homes


Girona, Spain


Jose Hevia


The geometry of the house is based on six volumes arranged around a central courtyard. The size and proportion of each volume responds to its use. All volumes are connected by a kind of cloister where the entrance is located, while circulation gravitates around the courtyard. The house offers three ways to look at and relate to the outside: an intimate glimpse of an inner courtyard through the «cloister» space that connects all the rooms; horizontally framed vistas of different parts of the garden, establishing a direct relation with the outside while preserving the sense of intimacy; and finally a wide-open view of the sky thanks to the relation between the structure and the geometry of the roof and load-bearing walls. The central courtyard is slightly open on one side to generate continuity with the garden and allow for a natural and energising permeability between house and forest. Cross-ventilation provides fresh air to the indoor spaces. The amount of material used is minimised with this type of structure, the folded geometry of the roof allowing an up to 12-metre space to be spanned with laminated wood panels only 9 centimetres in width. The sloping gabled roof collects water like a leaf through the use of green-glazed ceramic tiles, which reflect and blend in with the trees. Some of this water is used to irrigate the garden, designed with plants that require little watering.