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Burkard Meyer Architekten

BäreTower, Ostermundigen

best architects 23

multi-family homes


Bern, Switzerland


Damian Poffet


A striking urban landmark on the outskirts of Bern

The building ensemble at the Ostermundigen railway station serves as prelude to the planned densification on the outskirts of Bern. The slim high-rise building not only makes a striking urban statement; it also introduces a new scale to the existing development pattern. The tower stands at a right angle to the railway line and faces onto the adjacent open space. The placement of a second, low building on Bernstrasse creates a public square, which enhances the attractiveness of the site – including with regard to future plans in the vicinity of the railway station. As the tallest building in the canton of Bern, the 100-metre tower houses around 150 rental apartments as well as a hotel and a restaurant on the ninth floor. The three-storey building on Bernstrasse accommodates shops and service areas that reinforce the public character of the location. In addition to the silhouette, the architectural expression is further defined by the relief-like façade structure. Parapets encircling the building articulate the façade and contribute to the tectonic form with staggered bands of windows. The interplay with the glazed sections creates an understated elegance that varies in appearance depending on the incidence of light, making the tower visible from afar.