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KURT 2.0 social housing in Wolfsburg

best architects 23

multi-family homes


Wolfsburg, Germany


Peter Strobel


KURT 2.0 is being built in a typical large 1960s housing estate as a replacement for Paul Baumgarten’s distinctive stepped high-rise, which had to be dismantled in 2018. Based on the local row buildings, a structure of angular volumes was conceived that opens up to the surrounding development and forms three spacious courtyards. A residential path («loop») running all the way around connects the courtyards and entrances and enables the entire quarter to be traversed. The three stepped high points trace the silhouette of the important predecessor building. The angular structures provide the basis for varied apartment types (a total of 210 one- to five-room apartments): corner apartments in the high-rise buildings, cluster apartments and living spaces in the end buildings, and south-facing apartments in the blocks. Pergolas ensure economical access to the smaller residential units and duplexes. In addition, KURT 2.0 offers guest apartments, a multifunctional space as a neighbourhood meeting place, and services such as e-car sharing and e-cargo bike rental. The new buildings in Wolfsburg’s «white district» have light-coloured clinker façades and, in addition to their design qualities, meet all other requirements such as comfort, durability and economy. The window openings are grouped together by slightly recessed grey areas, while the horizontal structure creates references to the previous building.