Atelier ST: Göttingen Art Gallery - best architects 23

Atelier ST

Göttingen Art Gallery

best architects 23

public buildings


Göttingen, Germany


Simone Bossi


The closed, layered and clearly shaped building volume, with a horizontal plaster structure, evokes a stack of books or paper. Regionally characteristic details and geometries of the historic buildings of Göttingen were transformed into an independent architecture for the outer appearance of the «Kunsthaus». It becomes recognisable as a museum of graphic design and book art. On the ground floor, the foyer is conceived as a link between the public street space, museum and courtyard. The support-free solid reinforced concrete structure allows for a maximum of flexibility in the arrangement of different exhibition concepts on all floors of the building. An almost forgotten historical craft technique was chosen for the design of the outer skin – combed modelling plaster. Its horizontal texture is a reference to the works on paper that are primarily exhibited in this gallery.