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Nautical Center

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public buildings


Nant, Switzerland


Thomas Telley


Peacefully anchored on its concrete pedestal, the new nautical centre of Nant is a lightweight construction consisting of two autonomous structures. The first, on which an opalescent roof rests, houses the second, made up of three self-supporting volumes containing the premises of the water sports club, the lifeguard society of Vully and restrooms for the public beach of Nant. The clear and rational structure was designed based on the current needs of the users but also with a view to the possible evolution of future functions. The roof supported by eleven arches helps to unify the framework while the internal divisions remain interchangeable and flexible. Like the structure, the materials have been chosen to meet the constraints and criteria imposed. Emphasis was placed on ease and speed of implementation, environmental impact, durability and cost. Wood was therefore a natural choice. Swiss Label certified spruce was used throughout the construction in various forms. The framework and cladding are made of raw spruce, the interior partitions are in three-ply, and the arches are made of glued laminated timber. The wood is left untreated, so as to allow it to age and develop a patina over time. It provides a natural form of shelter that discreetly integrates the pavilion into its environment. For simplicity and speed of execution, all elements were prefabricated and then assembled on site.