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House Lichtenberg

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Amersfoort, Netherland


Stijn Poelstra


A green residential area is being developed on the site of the former hospital «De Lichtenberg» in Amersfoort. The area is rich in culture and is characterised by – for Dutch standards – very sloping terrain created during the Ice Age. The sculptural reed-clad house overlooks the historic city whilst being directly adjacent to the forests of the Veluwe. An authentic environment in which to create a unique and contemporary home. As architects we consider it our task to handle our world with care, and we have a deep connection with Mother Earth. We humans seem to want to conquer her, to shape her according to our own laws. But shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t we love her and respect her laws? House Lichtenberg plays an exemplary role in demonstrating earth’s vulnerability. The house is built of reed and wood, natural materials that will be allowed to age naturally so that the passing of time can be read. The materials also correspond to the character of the immediate environment. The reed has accompanied the residents from early childhood. We therefore wanted to bring out its full glory through refined detailing. The traditional reed wickerwork was made by a dedicated craftsman, and great attention was paid to the design of the various details. The thatcher’s refined craftsmanship has thus become the architectural highlight of the house. The sculptural thatched façade showcases how contemporary design can meet traditional craftsmanship.