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Double kindergarten Brotegg

best architects 22

education buildings


Frauenfeld, Switzerland


Heinz Unger


The project for the kindergarten competition with two classrooms takes inspiration from its 1970s single-story predecessor. The pre-existent landscape design already featured a concrete retaining wall and a stepped path leading up to a terrace. The new project preserved these pivotal elements and similarly adopted them as key components, setting a core theme of modern recycled concrete walls. The raw timber framework of these walls evokes the previous building’s architecture. The volume follows the progressively higher platforms, which mirror the terrain. The staggered floor plan ties the building into the surroundings, forming a visual link between the interior and exterior spaces. Moreover, the building’s diverse exposure works with flexible areas and recesses to enable the journey of the sun across the sky to be experienced. Varying ceiling heights create diverse atmospheres and inspire the children. The upper floor stands out with its timber structure. Overall, the new building’s appearance is defined by the tectonically multi-layered façade and the combination of raw concrete and various timber cladding. The kindergarten thus embraces the subtle grain of the surrounding residential area. In addition, the applied materials adhere to principles of durability and authenticity. To create the versatility desired for the classroom environments, the rooms are devised in a deliberately restrained fashion. Finally, the natural yellow rubber flooring acts as a connecting element tying the interior and exterior colour concept together.