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VBZ bus garage / ERZ depot

best architects 22 in Gold

commercial/industrial buildings


Zurich, Switzerland


Andrea Helbling


A simple, sculptural building forms the striking western end of the VBZ/ERZ Hardau facility. The load-bearing, in-situ concrete structure forms the shell of the new building and essentially determines its expression. The volumetric structure of the neighbouring old building determines the spatial configuration of the new building. An additional spatial layer is added to the VBZ parking hall for the ERZ workshop. The ground floor is a versatile manoeuvring area, while staff rooms and offices are arranged along a narrow atrium on the bridge-like upper floor. The stacking of the dumping station and office wing in a compact figure frees up space to Bullingerstrasse and optimises traffic routing. The salt silo is also integrated into the concrete structure, with its tower-like structure serving as both support and cladding. The column-free roof of the bus garage is spanned by simple steel trusses. Shear-resistant timber elements form the shed roof surfaces, which are used for the photovoltaic array. In the ERZ vehicle hall in the basement, the generously dimensioned column grid with prestressed beams ensures the greatest possible flexibility of use.