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New construction of Matzingen workshop

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commercial/industrial buildings


Matzingen, Switzerland



Lucas Peters


The operations centre «Neuer Werkhof Matzingen» has been developed out of the local architectural layout and refers to the farmhouse typology of the «extended multi-purpose building» that is widespread in Thurgau. At the railroad crossing in the south, a public area is opened up, which welcomes visitors with its clear arrival area. Thanks to its elongated orientation, the building shields the adjacent residential neighbourhood from road and railway noise. Furthermore, due to its prominent silo with the municipal coat of arms on it, the building and its public use by the fire department are already visible from a distance. The entire spatial programme is organised under a single cantilevered roof. The centrepiece of the facility is the column-free vehicle hall; adjacent to it are a washing hall, a workshop, and heated service and office rooms. The supporting structure is constructed entirely of wood, except for the foundations. The use of local wood combined with local craftsmanship results in regional added value. The division into heated and unheated rooms as well as a photovoltaic system contribute towards the formulated cost and sustainability goals. Wood is also used as the façade material, in keeping with the rural surroundings and as a consequence of the supporting structure. The dark colour of the façade with the brass-coloured lettering gives the building a strong identity and is reminiscent of the black shield on a golden field of the municipal coat of arms.