hammeskrause architekten: Physics school laboratory «Light & Schools» at the University of Hamburg - best architects 22

hammeskrause architekten

Physics school laboratory «Light & Schools» at the University of Hamburg

best architects 22

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Hamburg, Germany


Werner Huthmacher


The intention of the educational laboratory for physics, located in the research campus Bahrenfeld, is to inspire young people to pursue science. The educational pupils’ laboratory was founded by laser physicist Prof. Klaus Sengstock a decade ago. The programme is intended for secondary school classes and students of experimental physics. A floating, single-storey building made of cantilevered exposed concrete, opens invitingly towards the street, rousing the curiosity of passers-by. Serving as a showcase for the sciences, the building offers glimpses of its diverse programme from the outside. The area in front of the building is marked by two old pine trees, which were integrated into the building’s composition as space structuring and defining elements. The entrance platform, detached from the ground, forms a long base and bench – an identity-generating place of arrival and of transition, whilst in the background, the latest laser technology can be seen through the windows. The floor-to-ceiling, glazed façade defines the space, like an immaterial enveloping band. Reflected in the glazing are the colours of the surroundings. The transparent design allows views out to the adjoining forests, neighbouring institutes and between the laboratories and seminar spaces. The modern equipment of the laboratories invites visitors to explore; it is a place where people can be exposed to high technology.