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Komax AG Vertical Factory

best architects 22

commercial/industrial buildings


Dierikon, Switzerland


Dominique Marc Wehrli


As one of the first production buildings in Switzerland to be designed vertically and according to the premises of Industry 4.0, the extension of the headquarters of Komax AG exemplifies how the need for densification can also be implemented in industrial sites. Research, production and administration are united under one roof on six vertically stacked platforms, which significantly promote the informal transfer of know-how. Thanks to a permeable spatial concept, flat operational hierarchies can develop across floors and increase productivity. The usual distinction between production and office floor has been abolished and everything can take place independently of the floor level. The spatial concept, the load-bearing structure and the circulation concept meet the current requirements of a contemporary production facility and have the necessary flexibility for future changes of processes. The building is designed as a holistic system in order to increase sustainability. In addition to the space-creating, tree-like structure, a technology-free, walkable façade contributes significantly to this. The curtained «verandas» have multiple functions as sunshades, outdoor lounges and escape routes. The customised «brises-soleil» optimally balance shading and daylight supply without the use of technology. The production of high-tech products by Komax AG, a mechanical engineering company, finds a contemporary accommodation in low-tech architecture.