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Dos Aguas

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Rincon del Mar, Colombia


Luca Broglia


The Dos Aguas Lodge is situated on a narrow site that is only accessible by foot. The site stretches from the ocean to a fresh water lagoon. A Caribbean garden with fruits lies at the heart of the lodge. The garden can be considered as a local jungle; a place to cool down and to contemplate. It provides a contrast to the surroundings with the myriad colours of the different plants. We built a spandel-braced structure around the garden, made from the local round timber called «pino patula». The construction carries little else than a thatched roof made from palm leaves. All of the rooms and the communal spaces of the small hotel are located on one floor level. They all have views of the garden. One hundred and fifty wooden door leaves made from sugar cane wood create the inner façade. These doors create a play of light and shadow in the rooms. The double and family rooms can be accessed through the corridor in the back, which is plastered with ochre adobe. Both the location and the material used provide cooled rooms. The building was developed with a cooperative of local craftsmen. All of the furniture, including the lamps and the washbasin, as well as other elements of the facility were manufactured in small local manufacturers.