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Forest House Tellerhäuser

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renovation and addition


Breitenbrunn OT Tellerhäuser, Germany


Hans-Christian Schink


This house – the architect’s first – was a commission by his parents. They requested a place to accommodate the entire family with a fluid connection to the existing surroundings. The parents owned a dilapidated building in the Ore Mountains just a few minutes drive from the Czech boarder. After some initial discussions, the idea of a timber conversion emerged as the client is a professional surveyor for timber constructions. Entering the house evokes the impression of a remote cabin. The ground floor with its quarry stonewalls is raw and robust. In contrast, the actual new residential floor in the roof is constructed and panelled with timber. The coniferous wood inside and the view into the woods make the Ore Mountains landscape palpable throughout the entire building. The former use of the roof as a barn should thus also be pictorially transferred through the renovation. As a central living space with a view across the valley and access to the forest garden, it becomes the new centre of the house. The entire reconstruction of the roof, the façade insulation and the interior fittings was carried out using timber. Only the quarry stone masonry of the existing building could be preserved. The loose masonry was consolidated and secured with a concrete ceiling. On the inside, the construction was merely whitewashed. The attic was constructed entirely from coniferous timber. All living rooms are clad with plywood; the panel formats referencing the structure beneath.