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Centurion High-Rise Tower

best architects 22

multi-family homes


Brugg-Windisch, Switzerland


Kuster Frey


This high-rise building in the heart of Brugg-Windisch is located directly next to the campus of the Brugg-Windisch University of Applied Sciences and Brugg railway station. Thanks to its clear volumes, the high-rise integrates naturally into the urban structure of the new «Vision Mitte» district. The building takes up the building lines of the neighbouring streets. The high-rise forms the spatial end of the street due to its height and urban location and functions in the urban structure both as a connection and a landmark. The verticality of the 14-storey building is emphasised by concrete pilasters. The tectonic structure of the façade is also emphasised by the use of different materials. The primary structure with plinth and columns is executed in sandblasted structural concrete. The secondary elements such as the light grey parapet levels are executed in crystalline marble stone. The recessed arcades are located at each corner of the building and connect the high-rise with the urban space. The entrances mark the individual uses and are designed as independent addresses. The entire building can be divided vertically into three parts: A) basement area with garage B) lower tower area with commercial uses such as a hotel and shops; C) high-rise tower with flats. The building contains 116, 1.5 to 3.5-room rental flats and from the 11th floor upwards, 32 owner-occupied flats.