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Dorfschüür Würenlingen

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Würenlingen, Switzerland


Rasmus Norlander


Located in the historic core of Würenlingen and inhabited throughout the decades by farmers, the «Dorfschüür» has a public function as a cultural centre. The late baroque farmhouse dating back to 1783 is a valuable witness to the rural building culture. At street level, the former barn accommodates a public library. A forecourt with a fountain is visible through two timber archways becoming a new meeting place for the local inhabitants. The interior of the library is characterised by existing stonewalls. In combination with a new, dark grey concrete floor and the wooden ceiling, a unique atmosphere of old and new parts emerges. The new festive hall is situated on the upper floor. The existing roof structure had to be replaced, though its height and size were kept to the original. The space is well proportioned and versatile and can be used for a variety of occasions, for example for a concert or a banquet. The timber floor is made out of local oak trees that were cut out from the nearby Würenlinger forest. The ceiling consists of textile panels, filled with lambswool, which benefits the overall acoustics. Towards the garden, the «Dorfschüür» is extended by a filigree wooden structure. The addition accommodates a new foyer with staircases to the upper floor, as well as a small conference room and kitchen. The wooden annex sits on a concrete terrace that is slightly elevated and opens up to the garden with fruit trees. The apartment rooms of the triple-story housing unit were lightly restored and were transformed into cultural spaces.