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House for Children Kirchheim

best architects 22

education buildings


Kirchheim near Munich, Germany


Brigida González


The House for Children acts as a central element for the planned connecting axis between the districts of Kirchheim and Heimstetten. The building takes up the width of the green axis and divides the open spaces on the site. Synergies are created in the form of shared rooms and outdoor facilities with the adjacent youth centre. Preschool, nursery and day care are organised as independent buildings under a common roof resembling a cloverleaf around a central, connecting assembly hall and are oriented in different directions to the open spaces adjacent to them. Cutouts, covered open spaces and courtyards create a pleasant interconnection between inside and outside. The group rooms of the preschool and nursery are accessible via spacious communal areas of the respective facilities. Five barrier-free municipal flats, which are available to the staff of the House for Children if required, are located on the upper floor. By separating the residential use and care facility, mutual interference is minimised. The House for Children is built with a timber frame construction. Wall panels and columns made of local fir support the timber roof structure. The clear design, the consistent use of wood as a resource-saving building material and the reduction of maintenance-intensive building services make the house not only sustainable, but also user friendly.