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Roman Hutter Architektur

Gluringen barn

best architects 22

renovation and addition


Gluringen, Switzerland


Markus Käch


When converting a barn in Gluringen, a central concern was to preserve the integral structure. The existing openings were all left in place – only a small window in the gable bears witness to the new use.
Typically, there is no internal access between the stable and the barn resulting in the stable stairs made of glue-free larch, which have been renovated. The hayloft is where the new living unit is accommodated, while the barn floor can be used as a multi-purpose space. The spatial structure of the residential unit follows the conditions of the existing building. By recessing the inner façades, intermediate spaces are spanned, which creates a dialogue between old and new. The two intermediate spaces allow the barn to be experienced from the inside in its originality. Like the dining room, these extend to below the roof, conveying a sense of spatial generosity. The additional structural elements, as well as doors and windows, were made in larch and spruce, while the cladding is made of birch. The existing openings bring light into the rooms. Towards the valley, these are positioned at a low level, so that the view is directed to the meadows in front, while towards the rear, the view opens to the mountain landscape. Each opening can be closed with the existing shutters – which in turn makes the stable barn what it was – a simple wooden structure made of tree trunks.