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Oliver Christen Architekten

Replacement of Aulina holiday house

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Flumserberg-Bergheim, Switzerland


Rasmus Norlander


Precisely situated on the site, the building nestles at the foot of the slope of the topographically elevated Aulinakopf, which is located on the foothills of a plateau. From here, the almost unrestricted view extends to Lake Walen and the Churfirsten. The compact replacement building, just 53 square metres of living space, is designed like a chest. It blends harmoniously into the landscape. From the outside, the wooden building presents itself with a carefully detailed façade cladding with vertical formwork. This has different depths and gives the façade a playful elegance. The house is characterised by different expressions, thus, when empty, it appears closed and only the fixed glazing on the upper floor is visible. When the house is inhabited, however the façade opens up through protruding folding shutters creating visual references. The interior is characterised by a precisely detailed and high-quality interior construction made of birch plywood. Here, the walls are given an additional function and are used as shelves and cabinets. As a result, the interior spaces appear spacious, despite the compact dimensions. On the ground floor, sleeping bunks, bathrooms, entrance and a work niche are organised in spatial sequences. On the upper floor, there is a spacious room with kitchen, dining and living areas.