Modersohn & Freiesleben Architekten:  Four residential buildings in Berlin-Schmargendorf - best architects 22

Modersohn & Freiesleben Architekten

Four residential buildings in Berlin-Schmargendorf

best architects 22

multi-family homes


Berlin, Germany



Sebastian Schels


Four houses, consisting of two typologies are formed as a free-standing ensemble around an open block. The two houses with a north-south orientation are axially symmetrical. The long façade of both buildings forms an implied gable wall. The façade of the second building type is oriented east-west and has small gable ends. The courtyard façade is staggered with each recess creating a balcony. The internal circulation is centrally located and cleverly distributed so that one vertical core serves twelve apartments with considerable building depths of between 22 and 26 metres, which is dictated by the development plan. The staircases are all naturally lit. All flats have views in two directions via loggias cut into the volume of the building. In addition to the striking visual effect when viewed from a distance, the façades are also rich in detail. Clad in light-coloured masonry with a rough finish, the window reveals and lintels are accentuated with black and blue-grey glazed strips. The direction of the clinker brick units is alternately rotated, becoming a fine fabric cladding the houses.