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Martin Gruber Architekt


best architects 22

single family homes


Klausen, Italy


Tobias Kaser


A glass solitaire is embedded in the topography of an incredible landscape. Like a walk-through sculpture, the building nestles in the site. The spatial structure is only revealed when approaching the building. The house contains all the minimalist functions of a guesthouse. The project was designed as a counterpoint to the customary holiday architecture. The intention was to create a form that makes a statement for the sensitive approach to the landscape. After the handover to the son, the farm was converted into an organic farm and instead of the four possible holiday homes, it was decided to build a single guesthouse with a maximum of privacy. The inner space only reveals itself directly before the entrance: a glass body appears under the concrete slab of the green roof. A mobile external curtain lends the façade privacy and protection from the sun. The ambiguity of the room is further increased by planted trees. The exterior design gives the building solidity and justifies the geometry of the floor and ceiling as a reaction to the proximity to nature. The interior consists of freestanding furniture, which creates zones within the room that flow into each other. The number of materials was reduced to concrete, oak wood and local loden. The freeform is masterfully crafted and has become an attraction due to its constructional design.