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Marques Architekten

Davos Ice Stadium

best architects 22

renovation and addition


Davos, Switzerland


Ruedi Walti


In terms of urban planning, the renovated facility of the Davos ice rink is part of the ensemble of public buildings on the Kurgarten. The project renews the additions and structures of the main building that have extended over the decades. The introduction of the surrounding, octagonal volume creates a connecting approach. The originally symmetrical hall is extended on the north side in favour of the new space, where the new main entrance is also located. Through the passageway on the first floor, spectators can move into the respective sector and find the corresponding snack bars and break areas. The four former polycarbonate façades in the gable roofs give way to new timber façade surfaces with a fine structure. They are adapted to the spatial requirements and are glazed on the north and south sides and closed on the east and west sides. Behind them, the grandstands were dismantled to the primary structure and rebuilt in a spatially optimised manner. The new galleries are located in the east and west wings. In the north and south wings, there are spaces for restoration operations, boxes, administration and media. Through the conscious, reduced use of materials, the original and unaltered structures are incorporated into the design. A reduction to simple and natural materials such as wood and concrete strengthen the original character of the hall, both inside and out. It is a building that is defined by its location and its high altitude alpine environment.