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Marc Flick – Architekt

Wendenius court

best architects 22

renovation and addition


Hainau, Germany


David Schreyer


The dilapidated three-sided courtyard, consisting of four sections of the building, was given a new lease of life through extensive renovation. The future use will be a holiday home with an events location. The former house was converted into a bedroom zone with twelve beds and three bathrooms. The derelict building structure was renovated ecologically and with sustainable building materials such as clay, reeds, soft wood fibre and linseed oil. The uncovered historical wall paintings throughout the house were positive surprises. In the building opposite, there was previously a workshop with a pigsty. Inside, walls and ceiling elements were removed in order to create a single, spacious room continuum. The kitchen is installed in the former pigsty. A new, large-format window with seating in the parapet opens the room to the garden. In the kitchen there is a continuous, U-shaped exposed concrete wall. This is not just a design element, but serves four functions. It is a ring anchor, girder, sealant and heating in one. The entire interior of the building is centrally supplied with pleasant radiant heat through core activation. The exposed concrete staircase is hollow inside and contains the building technology. Old plaster was completely stripped off the façade exposing the structure of the building. This was completely covered with a historical natural stone slurry and henceforth lets the old building look like it is «frozen».