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Lütolf und Scheuner Architekten

Chlihus 2 residential development

best architects 22

multi-family homes


Dierikon, Switzerland


Roger Frei


Dierikon is located northeast of Lucerne in the Rontal valley between Ebikon and Root. An almost continuous urban sprawl stretches through the Rontal from Lucerne to Root. On the outskirts of this agglomeration, the apparently anachronistic, intact historic village centre of Dierikon lies close to the foot of the slope on the southern side of the valley. The site lies near the historical centre and the school on the northwest hillside. Three different development structures characterise the location, orientated in different directions depending on their placement. The three new structures refer to the point buildings to the southwest and continue the qualitative sequence of exterior spaces, as well as the neighbourhood’s characteristic formal language. The new buildings are staggered in relation to one another, creating pleasant open spaces on the site perimeter and considerable lateral transparency, resulting in an exciting composition with high-quality perspectives and views, as well as an open settlement pattern. An open centre forms the core of the new neighbourhood. The buildings follow the terrain, reflecting the relatively even incline of the topography. Specific floor plans address the theme of building on a slope. The new buildings are produced as conventional, solid structures constructed with double-leaf brickwork. The key feature of the buildings’ appearance is their elegant formal language and the finely structured tectonics of the materials and surfaces.