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Luca Selva Architekten

Courtyard House

best architects 22 in Gold

single family homes


Basel, Switzerland


Yohan Zerdoun


Chamber music in the courtyard

Here, in the Gundeldinger quarter in Basel, a former storage shed from the beginning of the twentieth century has been re-used and changed into a triple-storey residential building, which responds to the existing three-sided firewalls in a spatially exciting way. Thus, the new timber building partly rests against the firewalls, touching them at some points and at other points detaching itself from them completely. In this way, luxurious, high-quality and intermediate spaces open up, offering a spatial configuration that is completely new for courtyard buildings. The programme accommodates a granny flat on the ground floor and one flat on each of the two upper floors, which are designed differently across courtyards and terraces. The construction is a pure timber building; the floor and ceiling soffit are identical, thus emphasising the horizontality of the interior spaces. The cladding of darkened copper expanded metal with floor-to-floor bands continues this structure on the exterior.