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Resurrection Chapel

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Strass im Attergau, Austria


Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel


The Resurrection Chapel, which is situated in the extension of an old gravel pit, defines a new meeting place for Strass. A concrete brace opposite the slope forms the distinctive termination of the topography and defines the address of the chapel. One is led via an informally designed forecourt through a covered entrance into the anteroom, from where one is diverted and directed from behind into the open, upward-reaching chapel space. Through its reduced construction and materiality, an atmosphere is created that fades out everyday life and thus invites one to pause. Towards the top, the space-defining walls dissolve and, in combination with the vertical façade structure, the horizontal slats in the interior and the incidence of light create a sacred atmosphere and an unmistakable identity. The use of natural materials (larch and spruce wood) in combination with pointed concrete gives the chapel a distinctive appearance.