Klaus Keller. Andy Keller. Kathrin Keller. Architekten: Conversion of a residential building from the 1930s - best architects 22

Klaus Keller. Andy Keller. Kathrin Keller. Architekten

Conversion of a residential building from the 1930s

best architects 22

interior work


Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany




Andy Keller


An aging residential house from the 1930s, in an affluent residential area with beautiful old trees was to be structurally renovated and adapted to the requirements of the new owners. The design develops an open spatial structure from the existing floor plan and brings out hidden qualities with adapted and altered room proportions, with new connections and openings within the house, as well as in relation to the garden. The exterior of the stately and symmetrically constructed house was cleaned up and «sharpened» inside to such an extent that the volume of the house, as well as the symmetries, also become comprehensible in the building. The clarity and «calm» of the new floor plan structure is noticeable on both floors. Narrow corridors and hallways were transformed into larger, directly interconnected rooms that can be used in a variety of ways. A flowing spatial continuum, visual references, openings and visual axes were decisive for the design. The existing ensemble was supplemented by a second one in a north-south direction. The newly created spatial arrangement of the rooms on the ground floor, with door or window openings exactly opposite each other, means that when the doors are open, it is possible to look through the house from the lounge with a view of the Rhine to the garden with the ancient walnut tree. 269 square metres of living space are newly divided into living, dining, kitchen and working on the ground floor and bedrooms on the first floor level.