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Kastner Pichler Architekten

Reconstruction Jesus Christ Church

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interior work


Duisburg, Germany


Konstantin Pichler


For today’s purposes, Jesus Christ Church was too large for everyday use. Sliding elements made of elegant wood were installed on the sides of the existing galleries, which can be pushed aside when needed. In this way, the church can easily respond to the special needs of the moment and its room size can be adjusted on festive days. The dramaturgy of the church interior was amplified by emphasising the dominance of the altar area with flanking gallery spaces from the side and increased light from above. The copper roof was renovated. For the increased light on the enlarged chancel, a larger light roof was designed. Stage lighting was brought in here so that the chancel can be impressively emphasised even without daylight. The new luminaires in the colour of the roof provide a variety of light atmospheres. The chancel in particular can be given a variety of expressions through the targeted use of daylight and artificial light. An improvement of the acoustics in favour of musical performances was achieved by the newly installed cladding of the roof and the galleries. The fixed pews have been replaced by a flexible seating arrangement, which is placed on a new timber floor.