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Fruehauf, Henry & Viladoms blancasmoran

Swiss residence in Mexico City

best architects 22

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Mexico City, Mexico


Rafael Gamo


Two parallel walls define an elongated 135 × 25-metre site. The upper section has a direct relationship to the busy Paseo de la Reforma. At the other end, it descends in a succession of terraces to the Barranca de Dolores stream 36 metres below. The new residence is built on the exact footprint of the old residence, which was located in the upper part of the site. While the geometry of the surrounding buildings is clearly defined by a site that is perpendicular to the street, the Swiss residence is positioned at an oblique angle. It is a parallelogram occupying the entire width of the site. The first terrace, the height of which is defined by the access from the street, constitutes the base of the residence. Seven-metre-high concrete walls protect it from ambient noise and provide a calm and serene atmosphere within. This sense of calm is reinforced by the wealth of plants. The wall facing the street becomes a façade. Horizontal lines give it an austere, intriguing and sophisticated presence. The floor inside and outside the residence is light grey terrazzo. Two concrete slabs run from wall to wall and are supported by black granite blocks containing the service spaces. The luxurious vegetation is omnipresent on the path leading from the access courtyard through the house and to the garden below. Between the blocks are the common living areas, which have a strong visual relationship with the outside.