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Felgendreher Olfs Köchling Architekten

Feld Primary School in Azmoos

best architects 22

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Azmoos, Switzerland


Georg Aerni


Feld Primary School in Azmoos is delicately situated between two villages. The school preserves the history of the place as it embodies the characteristics of the previously pastoral land. The double-storey timber building has a modest height and a sloped roof, blending in with the surrounding single-family houses. The building is positioned between two large outdoor spaces with distinct features: On the southern side, a huge field provides a connection to the town church, while on the northern side, the entrance of the school building is marked by a romantic orchard along the road. The compact configuration of the building strengthens the different characters of these outdoor spaces. The annex on the northern side, which houses the kindergarden, encloses a square and a fountain and demarcates the entrance of the school. The entrance hall connects the square with a covered playground on the southern side, creating a series of shared spaces. A single flight of stairs in the centre of the entrance hall leads to the classrooms on the first floor and brings natural light into the ground floor from above. Almost like a village comprising a public square with streets and alleys, the spatial arrangement of the classrooms, group rooms, auditorium, library and staffroom seeks to foster a stronger sense of community. Thus various rooms are provided for simultaneous learning and teaching experiences with skylights bringing natural light to the different spaces.