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Day care centre in the park

best architects 22

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Stuttgart, Germany


Zooey Braun


Parkstrasse day care nursery is located in the vicinity of the Berg Cultural Park in the east of Stuttgart. The new double-storey building of the four-group nursery school is part of the green corridor with historic trees on the site of the previous building. The positioning, building dimensions, construction and materials of the building are based on the special characteristics of the site. The local building code specifies a building depth of twelve metres. Its position and orientation result from the construction line and the terrain sloping from west to east. The foundation on an existing underground bunker makes a lightweight timber construction the only option. The clear separation of the building into a group space and an ancillary room area is reflected in the design of the façades and the shape of the roof. Skylights in the roof above the corridor enhance this impression and allow for high levels of daylight and ventilation of the building. The nursery is designed as a structural timber construction with a high degree of prefabrication. Thanks to the red colour of the vertical timber cladding, the building stands out against the green of the park and refers to the red shutters of the neighbouring Raitelsberg housing estate from 1928.