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Bhend & Schlauri Architekten

Careum Research and Education Building

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Zurich, Switzerland


Lucas Peters


A provisional building for research and education is precisely situated between the existing buildings. The newly created outdoor spaces generate a positive tension across the wide, open spaces between the residential buildings. The building is supported by the green structure and is finished with fine wood and corrugated metal cladding, with its pavilion-like character creating an airy contrast to the existing red brick buildings. The outdoor experience is enhanced with the addition of garden elements. The green roof elevates the surrounding area. The soft surfaces of the environment and the heavily planted green roof of the building contribute to heat reduction. The building was delivered as a modular timber construction system, which is a resourceful and low carbon construction method. The workstation areas were intentionally reduced to keep the building volume compact. Seminar rooms are situated on the ground floor, while workstations for research and teaching are situated on the upper floors. For a timber construction, the structure of the building is ambitious. On the upper floors, the corridor runs parallel to the building while on the ground floor the foyer lies perpendicular to it. Warm materials such as oak doors and wooden beams and ceilings are combined with mineral-like, hard concrete floors. The spiral staircase is made of steel. White painted timber stud walls softly reflect the light, which floods through the large windows.