Berrel Kräutler Architekten: Administration building UVEK, Ittigen - best architects 22

Berrel Kräutler Architekten

Administration building UVEK, Ittigen

best architects 22

office/administrative buildings


Ittigen, Switzerland



Damian Poffet


The administrative centre of the federal authorities in Ittigen accommodates the departments of Environment, Traffic and Transport, Energy and Communication (UVEK) of the Swiss Confederation. In an open competition for a two-stage expansion by 900 workstations, the jury chose the proposal by Berrel Kräutler Architekten. The existing complex is being extended with a pair of elongated buildings aligned parallel to one another. A vibrant campus with rhythmically staggered open areas and pathways is emerging. The first building was completed in 2020. In plan and section, the new seven-storey building is clearly structured. Arranged around a massive central concrete core are circumferential floors consisting of a composite timber and concrete construction. Found at the building’s heart is an astonishing spatial sculpture, an atrium framed by two curving staircases. This enthralling interior, with its varied views, reflects a spirit of exchange and community. The open-plan offices are strung along the façade and are distinguished by a warm atmosphere, wonderful views as well as optimal lighting and ventilation. Vertical timber lamellas and projecting circumferential strips characterise the façade and integrate the building into the existing campus. With their great variety of landscape elements, the green outdoor areas offer space for rest and recreation.