Baukooperative: Salon Neuhaus – a glass pavilion surrounded by nature - best architects 22


Salon Neuhaus – a glass pavilion surrounded by nature

best architects 22

public buildings


Neuhaus, Austria


Michael Glechner


Our intention was to create a homogeneity with the environment. It quickly became apparent that a parallel positioning to the old building wasn’t an option for us as this would create a barrier and overshadow the venerable building. We took a different approach and constructed the new building perpendicular to the old building. This give us the possibility to create an intimate atmosphere in the park and strengthen the authenticity of the old building. An act of dissolution is embodied by ten separate concrete panels. In order to satisfy our architectural requirements, we could only consider a single-sheathing system made of insulating concrete. The interspaces are expressed entirely in glass and create a permeability and openness. We take the semi-circular arch, as a dominant design element from the old building. In our opinion, to disregard it, would be fatal, because it demonstrates the dependence between old and new. In addition to the location, the new building with its sanitary facilities, storage rooms and culinary supply options represents the base for the old building. When designing the furniture, flexibility and individuality were essential. Once again the influence of the semi-circular arch is found in the shape. Their adaptability makes the furniture to a welcome guest for various events.