Arnold und Gladisch Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH: Building trio Henricistrasse – Home at the Auenwald - best architects 22

Arnold und Gladisch Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

Building trio Henricistrasse – Home at the Auenwald

best architects 22

multi-family homes


Leipzig, Germany


Werner Huthmacher


The trio of buildings Henricistrasse represents an extraordinary residential building with 26 apartments built close to the centre. The new apartment house fills a gap and creates an idyllic retreat in a sought-after location not far from the Auenwald. Consciously it reacts to its surroundings. In particular, it refers to the old building block opposite, which extends along the entire Henricistrasse. Thus, the Henrici Trio, which comprises several entrances, also was designed with a consistent façade. With minimal projections and recesses as well as a structuring banding on the 55-metre-long façade, the modern building complex sets independent accents in the historical context. The linear architecture, manifested by large window fronts and generous room heights of 2.8 metres, provides a light and friendly living ambience. This is supported by the two-sided orientation of all 2 to 5-room apartments, which allows each residential unit an east-facing balcony overlooking the courtyard and a west-facing loggia overlooking the street. The monolithic construction method with core-insulated, vertically perforated bricks ensures increased sound insulation and a pleasant indoor climate. In a neighbourhood characterised by old buildings, the Henrici Trio blends in carefully. Thanks to its high-quality construction and natural, sustainable materials, it also represents a durable city building block.