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Morgenstelle recycling centre

best architects 21

infrastructure buildings


Tübingen, Germany


Jörg Jäger


Owing to the comprehensive expansion of its research facilities on the Morgenstelle campus, the University of Tübingen required a new, specialised recycling centre, complemented by a parking garage, a fuel station for staff use and roofed bicycle racks. These different zones require differing amounts of headroom and are all integrated into the upward-sloping terrain beneath the two horizontal steel-roof structures. Reinforced concrete elements in the lower part of the building meet the heavy-duty operational demands and facilitate the building’s integration into the terrain. Clad with photovoltaic modules, the shed buildings serve as weather-protection and roof. With the construction of a tram link, the main accessways to the campus will in future lead directly past this ensemble of buildings. It therefore forms the outer perimeter of the university-owned premises. Façades of stretch canvas used in agricultural construction provide the necessary weather-protection for the yard areas. Structures and operational processes remain partially visible, thanks to the semi-transparent properties of the fabric. In order to meet the differing weather protection requirements, the design of the façades and roofs ranges from completely open to frost-free and can be easily adapted to future needs by means of retrofitting. The top floor of the small office building features an insulated wooden interior.