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marc benjamin drewes ARCHITEKTUREN

60s Revisited

best architects 21

interior work


Berlin, Germany


Philipp Obkircher


The essence of the conversion of a two-family house from the 60s is the opening up of the existing structure by targeted breakthroughs. The merging of two apartments eliminates the cramped corridor situation on the ground floor. The former bathroom and kitchen are combined to make a kitchen area which is open to the corridor. An opening to the dining room allows a continuous space from the street to the garden façade. There is another generously sized opening to the living room. With a new direct connection between the dining and living room, an ample, continuous flow of space is created around the central fireplace, whilst maintaining three clearly defined, different areas. Areas with specific functions are given different floor coverings. This creates a discreet collage that deliberately emphasises their features. The ground floor is characterised by a mosaic oak parquet floor. The kitchen has a dark-coloured mineral flooring and around the fireplace, there is a flush-fitted oiled steel plate. On the upper floor, the former kitchen becomes a bathroom with a bath and the old bathroom a shower room for children. The bath and shower fit perfectly in niches, with differently coloured tiles. The rest of the upper floor is decorated with a composition of different colours.