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Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland




Eligio Novello


Instead of pursuing dogmas, this project is intended to encourage a measured, integrated, energy-efficient, ecological and sustainable individual housing system that is economically affordable and makes responsible use of land. It is a sketch of a habitat: minimalist, sparing, focused on the essentials. The concept confronts the dichotomy between a «serial product» and an «architect’s house». It can be broken down into reasonable sizes which can either integrate into land gaps or be combined into coherent aggregations: Less is More. Small is Beautiful. This dwelling takes its form from the archetype of the atavistic house: a parallelepiped volume with a gable roof, whose deliberately simple expression emphasises its capacity for integration and value for use. The dwelling meets the following requirements: – To be able to fit into a set of habitats while providing a minimum land use index of 0.6, respectively, to be able to shelter at least one inhabitant per 50 metres squared of land area. – To cost the owner less than the rent of a dwelling in collective housing of the same surface, including land. – To respond to the needs of diverse social groups. – To be able to add similar dwellings, generating an undeniable urban quality and promoting the development of social links. – To achieve an energy and ecological standard equivalent to the Swiss MINERGIE-P-ECO. – To be a starting point for autonomy by enabling the subsequent implementation of technical equipment such as a self-sufficient greenhouse.