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Translocal Architecture

Fondation La Monneresse

best architects 21

education buildings


Aigle, Switzerland


Rainer Taepper


The new building for the Fondation La Monneresse is a special school for children who have education difficulties. The school is spatially divided into two parts - the base with superordinate functions such as administration, dining room and entrance area, and the classrooms upstairs. One enters the building centrally via a foyer where there is a cloakroom, from where two staircases lead to the classrooms, where four classes each have a common learning cluster. The resulting room units allow for a variety of teaching configurations, from classic lecture-format teaching to cross-class project work. As the heart of the building and visible from all classes, a library flooded with light invites the students to read and browse the shelves. Whilst the façade in light-coloured clinker brick blends sensitively into the surroundings, the exposed concrete and wooden surfaces of the interior reflect the feeling throughout of airiness. With its multi-folded roof - originally a concession to the building regulations - the school building immediately recognisable, which promotes the identification of the pupils and the teaching staff with the building.