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Leimenegg – garden apartments

best architects 21

multi-family homes


Winterthur, Switzerland



Claudia Luperto


The apartment building is set back from the street between the two houses by Hermann Siegrist. The dialogue that links the front façades of the Siegrist houses remains intact. The three segments of the house each offer space for two apartments placed one above the other, a garden apartment and a roof garden apartment. All six apartments benefit from direct access to the road from the ground floor as is typical for this street. The accentuation of the horizontal plane on the longitudinal façade by means of a canopy and a recess in the façade unites the sections of the house, while the roof structures, on the one hand, highlight the tripartite nature of the house and, on the other hand, accentuate the orientation in two directions. The front façades are closed and kept plain. The external appearance of the building is calm and uniform due to the homogeneity of the concrete poured on site and the consistently minimalist detailing. The unobtrusive design and materialisation of the interior fittings adequately suits the standard of rental accommodation.